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How do you make cushions? + -

All pillows go through a similar process. After ordering, we first create the inner cover. Then the cover is filled with buckwheat hulls, which are first cleaned so that there is no dust in them. After that, we sew the outer cover, which you can take off and wash in the machine.

What materials do you use? + -

We want to make the whole process as natural as possible. For the inner fabric, we use 100% cotton, and the outer fabric is 100% linen. Also, we use buckwheat hulls from Croatia.

How can I wash my pillow? + -
It is a simple process! You take off the cover and put it in the machine at 40 degrees. You can also dry it in the dryer. The fabric will not shrink. Note that you should not wash the inner fabric filled with bucwheat since it will just absorb liquid and it won't have a nice smell even when dried.
Is there something wrong? + -

We tend to make as much effort to produce and create unique and beautiful products as possible, but sometimes things can go wrong. We apologize if this happened. If we sent the wrong cushion or something is physically wrong with the product, please write to us at and we will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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